Tenth Talk Program


Measuring water flows in natural channels, irrigation canals, and canal offtakes (i.e. deliveries) is becoming an increasingly more important task. There are several reasons for this, including: (1) increasing water resource demands, (2) growing variability in water supplies, (3) rising need to ensure equity in water allocation, (4) mitigation of flood risks, and (5) design and operation of multi-use water projects. Using traditional continuous flow measurement devices at the required flow measurement locations is an obvious solution; however, there are a range of issues associated with large scale deployments of continuous devices. High initial costs, ongoing operations and maintenance concerns, data management challenges, and vandalism make this approach undesirable in many cases. An alternative is the application of mobile devices that give discrete measurements in time. Examples of such devices are the MobileTracker, a SmartPhone application that enables water level and flow measurements with a single click, and the RemoteTracker, a portable acoustic Doppler measurement device.

Considering the importance and relevance of the topic, INPIM Nepal decided to organize a talk program to discuss on these recent innovations for flow measurements. In the series of talk programs being organized by INPIM Nepal, was the tenth program. It was held on 13th January 2014 (29th Poush) at DOI main hall from 2 to 4 pm and the presentation entitled “Recent Innovations on Flow Measurements” was made by Jeff Davids, P. E. Water Technology Specialists (H2Otech)/ SmartPhones4Water, CSU Chico, California, USA.USA.

The program

At the onset, the Mr. Davids was introduced to all the participants by the General Secretary of INPIM Nepal Mr. Bashu Dev Lohanee. Then, he asked Mr. Davids to make the presentation. The presentation discussed on the the current and future role of flow measurement in water management. Mr. Jeff Davids also provided an overview of flow measurement methods and devices. He also briefly presented an overview and demonstration of two innovative flow measurement devices (i.e. RemoteTracker and MobileTracker).

The presentation provoked a lot of interest among the participants of the talk program. At the end of the presentation several questions related to the different aspects of the new technology were asked. Finally, discussion was also carried out on the possibility of applying the new technology in Nepal: difficulties and possibilities.

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