Eleventh Talk Program

As part of the series of talk programs being organized by INPIM Nepal, its Eleventh Talk Program was organized on 26th September 2014. Considering the importance and relevance of the topic, the topic for this time was selected as “Transforming Surface Irrigation to Pressurized Systems for Higher Efficiency and Benefits”.

At the onset of the program, Mr. Suman Sijapati, President of INPIM Nepal, briefed about the on-going INPIM Nepal activities. Mr. Sijapati also gave a brief introduced to present talk program.

The main presentation was made by Mr. Deepak Lochan Adhikari, Freelance Irrigation Engineer. He was introduced to the participants by the General Secretary of INPIM Nepal, Mr. Bashu Dev Lohanee. The topic of Mr. Deepak’s presentation was “Transforming Surface Irrigation of Mid-hills of Nepal to Pipe System for Higher Efficiency and Benefits: A Case of Ripeni Irrigation Sub-project”.

Starting with some typical issues that the small surface canal FMIS general face, Mr. Adhikari gave specific example of Ripin Dodhar irrigation system starting with its location, and system features like water source, total canal length, command area, canal discharge, food sufficiency, landholding, occupation, occupation, source of income, etc.

He also provided the information about cost-benefit analysis and incremental benefit per Ropani per year. Mr. Adhikari concluded stating that the project is socially, technically, economically feasible and has no harmful impact in the physical environment. Its major benefits include improved water use efficiency from micro irrigation and conveyance with piped system, income generation through vegetable production, improved food security and enhanced skill and knowledge with new technologies. Hence, he stated that the project is recommended for implementation in coordination with specialized organizations. The presentation provoked a lot of interest among the participants of the talk program. At the end of the presentation several questions related to the different aspects of the project.

In order the supplement the presentation with a similar technology, another short presentation was also made Mr. Suman Sijapati on “Introduction to Hydro-flume (Gated Pipe) System”. In his presentation Mr. Sijapati briefly outlined about this new technology and enumerated the benefits. He also gave a brief description of the process of laying out the hydroflume and installing the outlets to get the desired results.

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