Recent Activities - Full Post

INPIM Nepal Executive Committee met on 15th Feb 2016 to discuss on on-going activities and the celebration of the forthcoming 19th Anniversary. The following decisions were made by the committee: Regarding the Office Premises of INPIM Nepal: Since the current office room of INPIM Nepal has been affected by the devastating earthquake and has been leveled as "red", it was decided to request DOI for an alternate room. In this concern, the Executive Committee also met with the new DG of DOI and received assurance that INPIM Nepal will be provided another room in the White House. Regarding INPIM Nepal future activities and the celebration of its 19th Anniversary: Even though the activities are a little bit slack lately due to the disastrous earthquake, economic blockage and the heavy load shedding, it was decided that we will now try to expedite our activities. It was decided to request all our members to provide suggestions for appropriate topic and resource person for our next talk program and ideas for celebrating our forthcoming 19th Anniversary of the establishment of INPIM Nepal. It was also decided to request all members to share any opportunities in which INPIM Nepal can have its engagement, both individually or in partnership with other institutions. Regarding Updating of the INPIM Nepal Website: INPIM Nepal has developed its webpage in such a way that all members have been provided with access to update their personal information. In this concern, it was decide to request all the members to please update their personal information so that it is kept up to date. (Those who have forgotten their user name and password can ask us for it) Regarding the auditing and renewal of registration of INPIM Nepal: In the meeting it was informed to all that all annual requirements of auditing and renewal of registration of INPIM Nepal has completed for the last fiscal year and INPIM Nepal functions as a fully legal institution.

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